Smart Google Tv

The TV is powered by the X1 processor which reduces any distortion in the picture and enhances the visual quality.

Powerful Processor

It gives you an amazing visual experience. It has a feature called Enhanced 4K Signal, which means that any content you watch or stream on this TV will have viv

Unmatched Entertainment

you have access to a huge collection of over 700,000 movies and TV shows. These are all stored in one place, making it easy for you to enjoy them without any in

Google Assistant

you can effortlessly find everything you need. This enhances your entertainment experience and allows you to access a wide range of content.

Colour-Rich Amusement

It can accurately reproduce a wide range of hues, which leads to a beautiful representation of colors on the screen

Enhanced Audio

"Dolby Audio incorporated in this TV" means that the TV has the technology of Dolby Audio integrated into it.

Smart User Experience

This particular Sony TV uses a computer model to analyze and address imperfections in the way its speakers produce sound.


this particular TV has a feature called Chromecast, which enables you to stream or display your preferred movies, games, and applications from your mobile device

Entertainment Reloaded

This TV has the feature of Google Play, which means you can access and enjoy a wide variety of movies, TV series, games, and many other forms of entertainment.

Sit Back And Enjoy

You have a Sony TV remote with a special button for Netflix, you can easily watch your favorite shows or movies on Netflix whenever you want to have a fun and enjoyable time.

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