Can You Know About Sparrow?

if no than here i will disccuss about sparrow.

Sparrow birds

It is smallest bard and It lives by making nests in the walls of our houses.

Sparrow population

His population is being decrease in day to day. which cause our govt started verious project for Protection.

Sparrow food

His eates small insects

Why eat insects ?

he eates insects for get high proten so that he give balance proteen his child.

Develop Park

One eco park has been developed in delhi for protect sparrow. this park is sitatated in east delhi name of Gadhi mandawli

Goraiya Gram

Sparrow home has been developed in Gadhi mandawali his home name is " Goraiya Gram"

Small Hotel

"Goraiya Gram" also made small Hotels for Sparrow in this hotel insects are kept for ea

OTher Park

Other Park is Aravali Biodiversity Park develop for sparrow protection. in this park special grass growing for sparrow food.sparrow eates seeds of this grass.

Thank For Visting US

Now sparrow population is being increase from previous last 5 years ago

Now Population

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