Twitter Blue Tick

Blue ticks on popular microblogging platform Twitter are no longer limited to celebrities

Who Buy

Now anyone can buy a blue tick by paying for the company's Twitter Blue subscription service

Officially Allowed

Elon Musk has officially launched the Blue Tick program.users will start getting Blue Ticks after making payments on the web

Blue Tick

Blue tick is given to the user after the company's fixed procedure.


The user’s account mentioned tick marks means user Twitter account has been verified

After verification

After getting this blue tick, a person or his company gets the authenticity of his real account.Apart from this, users are also likely to get more likes


Use account, Profile photo, display name and username should be not changed in recently


Use account is not got any misleading or deceptive


And also User account is not engaging in any platform manipulation and spam.

Thank For Visting US

Twitter Blue subcriber fee in India at Rs 650 for website, Rs 900 for Android.

Subscribe Fee

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