New Semi Fast Train Of India

Namo Bharat Train is 1st sami hi-tech train. his innovative train service is set to revolutionize the way we explore India.

Namo Bharat Train

The Namo Bharat Train is a new addition to the Indian Railways, which has been designed with modern technology and amenities.


Here we will know top features and hi-tech facilities of this new train in next slide.

Facilities in the coach

Talking about the premium coach of Namo Bharat train, the number of seats in it will be 62.

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minimum fare

Talking about fare, at present the minimum fare of this train has been declared at Rs 20.

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The Premium Coach

in this train premium coach facilities also available. you will also have a dynamic map, court hanger, magazine and water bottle holder, food vending machine in

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Charging Facilities

Both premium and standard coaches offer charging facilities to keep you connected and entertained throughout the journey.

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Emergency Facilities

Both coach types prioritize passenger safety. They are equipped with panic buttons, ensuring you're just a press away from assistance in case of an emergency.

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The train is designed to cater to a wide range of passengers, including those with special needs. It offers accessible facilities and amenities to ensure that everyone can enjoy th

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