Acex Luxe Smartwatch"

Versatility at Its Best: Includes 3 Modes for Endless Styling Possibilities. Ideal for Fashion Enthusiasts and Suitable for All Ages


The Future of Displays: 1.96" AMOLED Takes Visuals to a Whole New Level

Style Strap

Style Meets Comfort: Silicone, Leather, or Steel? Your Ultimate Watch Strap Guide

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Cricket In Your Pocket

You can enjoy with The Best Websites for Live Cricket Score Updates!"

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Track Your Way To Fitness

The Pulse of Progress: Achieving Fitness Goals with Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring!"

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Bluetooth Calling

Elevate your conversations using cutting-edge technology for advanced Bluetooth calling. Experience unparalleled clarity and convenience. Upgrade now!

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Automatic sports Recognition

Automatic sports recognition is an innovative technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world of sports and fitness

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Voice Assistant Features

it have revolutionized the way we interact with technology and have found applications in various aspects of our lives, from productivity

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Price & Availability

The smartwatch is set to be launched on September 24th, and it comes with a special price tag of Rs 2999

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