Hindi Keyboard

Computer and mobile accessories maker Logitech launched a new keyboard on Friday.

First keywords name is K120

Second keywords name is Logitech MK235 Wired Wireless

If you love to type in Hindi than both keywords are best for you know more details in next slider


The company has launched Logitech K120 and Logitech MK235 Wired Wireless Hindi Keyboards. That means both are Hindi keyboard

Bharat Campaign

Under the Digi Bharat campaign, the company has specifically tried to grab the attention of users with a Hindi keyboard


Talking about the price and availability, the Devanagari Logitech K120 is priced at Rs 695


The second keyboard is the Logitech MK235 Wireless, which also comes with a mouse. It is priced at Rs 1,995


The company is also offering 1 year warranty on it.


Both keyboards will go on sale on Amazon India from April 15.

Company Statement

Company said, Language will never be a barrier to adopting new technologies. With this in mind we have introduced the Logitech K120, MK235 keyboard.

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Hindi Keyboard

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