What Is Operationdost

As all of you aware from itli and sirya is effected by Earthquake and many people has been die and also verious are missing, in this time india helping both countries by operatorDost misssion

India & Turkey's friendship

Operation Dost is the operation of friendship as 'Dost' means Friends in Hindi & Turkish, this operation shows India & Turkey's friendship

search & rescue teams

This operation includes search & rescue teams & emergency medicine

24 Medical service

The Indian Army team of medical specialists is on the job 24x7, providing relief to those injured

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PM Modi Tweet

Our teams are working day and night as a part of ‘Operation Dost.’ They will keep giving their best to ensure maximum lives and property are saved

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Indian Hospital

Some glimpses from the Field Hospital in Iskenderun, Hatay.

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Indian Air force

An IAF C-17 aircraft got airborne last night for Syria and Türkiye, bearing relief material and emergency equipment.

Indian Army Hospital

Visuals from a school building in Hatay where 60 Para Field Hospital of the Indian Army is providing medical aid & relief measures to the people

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Aid Provider

India is the third largest aid provider, only after Uzbekistan and Israel

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Thank For Visting US

1- India ???????? 170 2- Israel ???????? 87 3- France ???????? 86 4- Russia ???????? 60

Foreign Medical Teams in Turkey

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