Ipl 2023 Begins

The 16th season of IPL has been start today and also you will see new Impact Player rule. accounding the rule substitute player who will be able to bat along with bowling.

Impact Player

It will work like a tactical substitute in football, basketball.

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Dead Ball

If a fielder moves around contrary to the rules during the ball being thrown, then the umpire will call it a dead ball.

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If the batting and bowling team do not agree with the umpire's decision of wide or no ball, then they will be able to take DRS.

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Slow Over Rate

Teams may have to bear the brunt of slow over rate in IPL 2023, as punishment 4 players of the fielding team will remain on the boundary

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playing XI

in IPL 2023 Session new rule will be implemented Playing XI announced after the toss.

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Foreign Players

If a team includes 4 foreign players in its starting XI, then it can only leave an Indian player as an impact player in the match.

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Enjoy By 1st Match

IPL 2023 has been started with a match between Chennai Super Kings and defending champions Gujarat Titans.

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