Aligarh To Harigarh

The decision to change the name of the city was made in the first board meeting of the Aligarh Municipal Corporation on November 7, 2023.

Complex Legal

Renaming a city or district involves a complex legal and administrative process.

Historical And Cultural

Historical and cultural significance of the current name must be considered before making any changes


Public consultation and approval from local authorities are essential steps in the renaming process.


Renaming a city or district also requires updating official documents, maps, and signage.


The cost of renaming a city or district can be significant, impacting local government budgets.

The Mayor has stated that we are currently awaiting the government's final decision on the proposal to rename as Harigarh. He has expressed optimism that the govt will approve this

Educational Area

Aligarh is an important business center of Uttar Pradesh and a major educational center of the country.

Cultural -Sculpture

Aligarh is famous worldwide for its lock industry. Aligarh locks are exported all over the world. In addition, Aligarh is also famous for its brass hardware and sculpture.

Aligarh Movement

The Aligarh Movement, founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the 19th century, aimed to modernize and educate Indian Muslims

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