What is the UCC bill passed by Uttarakhand government? Know the important points to bill.

News 1 Tue 06 Feb 2024
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The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill has been presented in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly, marking a significant development in the legal landscape of the state. If passed, Uttarakhand will become the first state in the country to implement the UCC after gaining independence. With the ruling BJP holding a majority in the assembly, the bill is expected to be approved. Prior to its presentation in the assembly, the bill had received approval from the cabinet.

The UCC bill in India refers to the Uniform Civil Code, which is a proposal to create a common set of laws governing personal matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption for all citizens regardless of their religion. The concept of a UCC has been a topic of debate and discussion in India for many years, with proponents arguing that it would promote gender equality and social justice, while opponents express concerns about the potential infringement on religious and cultural rights. As of now, the UCC bill has not been enacted into law, but it continues to be a significant issue in the Indian legal and political landscape

Important Key points related to the UCC:

1. The UCC bill has been tabled in the assembly for deliberation. The proceedings will resume at 2 PM, and discussions on the UCC will commence. The government is fully prepared for the same, and legal expert Manu Gaur has been summoned to aid in comprehending the technicalities of the law.

2. The report of the draft committee on the Uniform Civil Code spans a comprehensive 780 pages and has received input from approximately 233,000 individuals. The committee responsible for its formulation conducted a total of 72 meetings. Reportedly, the UCC draft encompasses over 400 provisions.

3. The UCC bill primarily focuses on women's rights, including provisions to prohibit polygamy and raise the legal marriage age for girls to 18 years.

4. The bill mandates registration for live-in relationships, with legal experts claiming that both men and women will benefit from this requirement.

5. It proposes granting equal inheritance rights to girls, a significant departure from several personal laws of various religions that do not currently provide equal inheritance rights to both genders.

6. The bill includes a provision to exclude 4% of the population belonging to tribal communities from its jurisdiction, and it does not incorporate population control measures and scheduled tribes.

7. Registration of marriages is made mandatory by the bill, and it also proposes withholding government benefits from those who fail to register their marriages.

8. It aims to simplify the process of adopting a child and grants Muslim women the right to adopt, while also proposing restrictions on the practices of halala and iddat within the Muslim community.

9. In the event of a husband's death and subsequent remarriage by the wife, the bill proposes that the deceased husband's parents should also have a right to compensation. Additionally, it places the responsibility for children's custody on grandparents in case of disputes between the husband and wife.

                                         The introduction of the UCC bill in Uttarakhand reflects a significant step toward achieving gender equality and social justice. The comprehensive nature of the bill and its potential impact on various aspects of civil law make it a pivotal development in the state's legal framework. This move has sparked considerable public interest and is poised to bring about substantial changes in the legal rights and responsibilities of individuals, particularly in matters of marriage, inheritance, and familial relationships. As the bill undergoes further deliberation and potential enactment, it stands to redefine the legal landscape of Uttarakhand and set a precedent for other states to follow.

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