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It's a convenient portable microscope that you may take with you to the outdoors. You may alter the magnification to fit what you want to observe thanks to the 60 to 120-fold zoom-type. The LED light built-in will be bright and simple to view the thing. Because it is battery-operated, it may be used outside without the need for electricity. Wonder Allow for the fact that the world is full of micro.

Children, students, and scientists may examine items in amazing detail both outdoors and inside with a portable microscope.

Some of these microscopes are as small as an ink pen and produce detailed up close views of objects and bigger single celled animals. They are compact, sturdy, and portable.

Many of these hand-held microscopes don't require batteries and may work with natural light to provide high-definition images with no blurring.

Many tiny microscopes may be used in a variety of settings, including the classroom, and some come with rubberized eyepieces for added comfort and safety, especially when used by youngsters.

The majority of these microscopes have no moving parts and are ideal for introducing youngsters to the hidden world around them.

Emergency medical personnel, trauma and emergency room practitioners, as well as scientists and enthusiasts, use the device.

Portable microscopes are extremely useful in the manufacturing industry for detecting flaws in electrical components, metals, optics, glassware, and structural flaws in equipment.


Although pocket microscopes are modest in size, they have a lot of imaging capacity.

Some of these portable microscopes weigh only a few ounces and achieve 100x image magnification, with focal powers equivalent to, and in some instances exceeding, standard microscopes.

Natural light and button or normal batteries are used to power pen-sized microscopes. High-focal-ratio micro optics used in manufacturing are the size of a typical eyepiece lens and may be driven by electricity.

Images can be supplied immediately to a printer or computer for analysis, or electronically sent from a remote place to a laboratory or classroom, using some smaller hand-held microscopes with computer software.


Many of the same firms that make regular microscopes also make miniature microscopes.

Microscopes of this sort are available from optical businesses that are known for other types of optical instruments including telescopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars.


  • Small, portable microscopes are available from both Olympus and Nikon.
  • Pen-sized microscopes are available from American Optics, Sper Scientific, Electron Microscopy Sciences, and ElectroOptics for both student and professional use.
  • Handheld and stand-alone portable microscopes with magnifications ranging from 25x to 100x are available from Home Training Tools, Scientific Online, PEAK Optics, and Carson.

Here i proivde informations for kenko tokina Manufacturer

product details :

Kenko Do Nature STV-120M LED lights built-in compact portable microscope

Light Source Type LED
Material Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.6 x 5 x 1.4 Centimeters
Item Weight 0.18 Pounds
Brand Kenko

Product Available on  Amazon.in

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