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Power Consumption

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has a star rating methodology called Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) for air conditioners.

ACs with higher star ratings will consume much less power, thereby saving money on your electricty bill in the long run.

Energy Star Rating

The higher the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency (ISEER), the more the savings from your AC.

Annual Electricity Consumption

Under standard conditions, this is the amount of electricity your AC would consume, if left running for a year. Electricity costs values across the country. Multiply the units by the rate to arrive your annual cost.

AC model details

BEE logo - Authenticity of the label

Energy Star Rating

Higher star ratings cost a bit more initially but consume much less power, and hence save money on your electricity bill in the long run.  in the AC  Compressor material also contributes to energy consumption. Compressors made of copper are more energy efficient than aluminium ones.

Below are estimated calculations on power consumption for a 1.5 ton capacity AC. Values will vary for other capacity & ISEER rating combinations

Star  ISEER  Rating Power Unit Consumption  cost Yearly Savings  % Saving
    for 1600 hrs usage  (@%6/unit)  (vs 3 Star) (vs 3 Star)
3 3.7 1068.35 6410 N/A
4 4.1 981.81 5891 519 8%
5 4.51 892.32 5354 1056 16%
5 5.2 744 4464 1946 30%


Below table shows the expected savings on buying split ACs with 3 or more energy star ratings. Values given are basis ISEER energy label on 1.5 Ton Voltas ACs (for 1600 hours of operation) & electricity charges of Rs.6 per unit. Kindly note that non-inverter Split ACs do not come in 4 and 5 energy star rating.

Type  Energy Star Approx. annual energy Annual electricity Annual
  Rating consumption (units) cost (in Rs.) Savings (in Rs.)
Non-Inverter *** 1130 6,780  
Inverter  *** 1035 6,210 570
Inverter  **** 980 5,880 900
Inverter  ***** 880 5,280 1,500

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