Reliance Jio Increases Prepaid and Postpaid Plan Prices by 12% to 25%

News 1 Mon 01 Jul 2024
Reliance Jio …

Reliance Jio, one of the leading telecom operators in India, has announced an increase in the prices of its prepaid and postpaid plans. The company has stated that the new prices will come into effect from July 3rd, 2023. Jio has provided detailed information about the old and new prices of its tariff plans, allowing customers to understand the increased cost they will have to bear.

Following Change in Plan Prices:

Existing plan Validity/Benefits (unlimited voice, SMS) New plan price (effective July 3, 2024) Price increase
Rs 155 28 days, 2GB Rs 189 Rs 34
Rs 209 28 days, 1GB/day Rs 249 Rs 40
Rs 239 28 days, 1.5GB/day Rs 299 Rs 60
Rs 299 28 days, 2GB/day Rs 349 Rs 50
Rs 349 28 days, 2.5GB/day Rs 399 Rs 50
Rs 399 28 days, 3GB/day Rs 449 Rs 50
Rs 479 56 days, 1.5GB/day Rs 579 Rs 100
Rs 533 56 days, 2GB/day Rs 629 Rs 96
Rs 395 84 days, 6GB Rs 479 Rs 84
Rs 666 84 days, 1.5GB/day Rs 799 Rs 133
Rs 719 84 days, 2GB/day Rs 859 Rs 140
Rs 999 84 days, 3GB/day Rs 1,199 Rs 200
Rs 1,559 336 days, 24GB Rs 1,899 Rs 340
Rs 2,999 365 days, 2.5GB/day Rs 3,599 Rs 600

1. The cheapest Jio plan, priced at Rs155, offers 2GB of data with a validity of 28 days. After the price hike, the cost of this plan has increased to ?189.
2. The Rs209 plan, which earlier provided 1GB of daily data, is now priced at Rs249.
3. The Rs239 plan has seen a price increase from Rs 239 to Rs299.
4. The Rs299 plan is now priced at Rs349.
5. The Rs 349 plan has been increased to Rs 399.
6. The Rs 399 plan is now priced at Rs 449.

2-Month Validity Plans:

jio recharges

1. The Rs 479 plan, which earlier offered 1.5GB of daily data with a validity of 56 days, has now been increased to Rs579.
2. The Rs533 plan has been revised from Rs 533 to Rs629.

The price increase by Reliance Jio ranging from 12% to 25% will have a significant impact on the customers' monthly expenditure on telecom services. The company has cited various factors, including increasing operational costs and network investments, as the reasons behind the tariff revisions. Customers will need to adjust their spending accordingly to accommodate the higher plan prices.

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