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Sleep Tea is a natural tea powder designed to boost your metabolism and burn fat while you sleep or relax. It contains scientifically proven ingredients that promote restful sleep and calm the mind, help control hunger and cravings.

Sleep is bad now
proved to be more destructive
Like smoke in your body

Sleep Slim Tea's new formula is tastier, more convenient, works better than ever, and contains the super spices and ingredients you need for that deep sleep that burns fat fast.


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What’s Inside Sleep Slim Tea?

Magnolia Bark Extract

Magnolia Bark Extract
Magnolia bark is a powerful sleep inducer due to its ability to relax the mind and body by increasing GABA activity. GABA is an important neurotransmitter that helps shut down your brain so you can fall asleep more easily and stay asleep through the night. 1 Research shows that magnolia bark increases the time you spend in deep, restorative sleep, which is essential for optimal health and fat loss. combustion


Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals for the quality of your sleep, yet its benefits extend throughout your body. It puts you in a calm and relaxed state to fall asleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Another reason it's a top ingredient in Sleep Slim Tea is that it helps burn fat by promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

You've probably heard that calcium is good for your bones, but did you know that it also plays a major role in your sleep cycle A study conducted by the European Neurology Journal reports that calcium levels increase during the deepest sleep. The study concludes that when you are deficient in calcium, you often have disrupted sleep patterns, especially during the deepest sleep phase. However, if you normalize the level of calcium in the blood, the natural course of your sleep can be restored.

Ginger root powder
For centuries, ginger has been used to treat insomnia, aid digestion and treat inflammation. Now we know it's also a superhero for reducing belly fat and getting a flat stomach. The latest news from an extensive review of scientific evidence published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences shows that spices play a key role in fat burning, carbohydrate digestion and insulin secretion, to name a few. It has also been shown to inhibit oxidative stress (a form of cellular aging), have anti-inflammatory properties, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In short, ginger gives the superfood the “super”.

L-Glycine helps your body produce serotonin, a hormone and neurotransmitter that plays a major role in deep, restful sleep.14 L-Glycine also helps regulate body temperature during sleep, allowing you to fall asleep faster and then taking you into the deepest stages of sleep. fat burner

Cardamom is loaded with powerful nutrients and is a natural source of melatonin.35 Melatonin is your body's main signal to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, allowing you to reach a specific stage of deep sleep that is necessary to naturally burn belly fat. In fact, cardamom powder has been used in Ayurvedic sleep tonics for centuries. And its healthy inflammatory response properties support your weight loss goals

This is by far one of the most magical ingredients in the Slim Sleep Tea formula. Turmeric root has been used for thousands of years to boost health, increase energy, and fight disease. However, scientists have only recently realized its powerful fat-dissolving properties. Which means you'll benefit from increased fat burning during your resting phase of deep belly-flattening sleep. In addition, I have chosen a specific variant of Turmeric 4:1 because it is the highest potency turmeric available, providing extra power to support your transformation.

Ashwagandha, another healing superfood, has been used for centuries to help with insomnia, reduce stress, boost immunity, and promote a healthy inflammatory response.10,11,12 Now, this centuries-old sleep remedy is backed by science thanks to new research from the International Institute for Integrative Sleep medicine. They report that Ashwagandha has remarkable results in inducing the deep, restful sleep you need to effectively burn fat during the night.
Cinnamon bark powder
This is my favorite fat melting ingredient in Sleep Slim Tea. It will add a taste of nostalgia to every cup, reminding you of great memories of eating and drinking with friends. As good as it tastes, the real reason it's in the formula is its amazing ability to dissolve fat. Hundreds of studies reveal that cinnamon is one of the most effective ways to increase the body's natural fat burning

Another popular ingredient in Ayurvedic sleep tonics is chamomile for its calming and sleep-inducing properties. Research has now revealed that its calming effects are attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin, which binds to specific receptors in your brain that reduce anxiety and initiate sleep. An even more recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology shows that it reduces anxiety. New evidence even shows that chamomile helps with weight loss by curbing appetite, detoxifying the body and promoting a healthy metabolism


Why is Sleep Slim Tea such a powerful fat burning accelerator?
Current research has shown a proven link between a very specific type of deep sleep and the ability to lose weight. We searched for ONLY the most potent sources of each of the natural sleep-inducing and fat-melting herbs and spices in Sleep Slim Tea. And they're blended in precise portions to improve your sleep, boost your metabolism, and taste absolutely amazing, so you'll look forward to them every night before bed.

Is Sleep Slim tea a pharmaceutical product?
NO. It's not a drug. When you sip a cup of Sleep Slim Tea, you're getting nothing but natural, organic spices, minerals and herbs that have been used for thousands of years to improve sleep, improve health, extend life and promote fat-melting metabolism.

Are there any side effects?
Besides giving you an incredible night's sleep and melting away unwanted belly fat, none of the ingredients in Sleep Slim Tea have any common side effects. All of our ingredients are the highest quality certified USDA organic, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, GMA free and vegan. However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before starting any supplement, diet or exercise plan

How long will my container last?
If you drink one cup a day, it will last a little more than a month. However, most people like to wind down with a cup after dinner and then another 30 minutes or so before bed, in which case you'll need to increase your supply

Is it safe for elderly people?
It is completely safe. And in fact, many of the ingredients have been shown to reduce the signs of aging, reduce inflammation, and help protect against many of the chronic diseases that people face when they reach their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. It's also well-documented that older adults have trouble sleeping, which means Sleep Slim Tea can be especially helpful as you get older. However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before starting any supplement, diet or exercise plan
Can I drink it more than once a day?
Absolutely! It's so delicious that I get asked this question a lot. And in fact, enjoying a cup after dinner and another 30 minutes or so before bed can improve your sleep and fat-burning metabolism even more.

How long will the shipping take?
North American customers can expect their orders within 5 to 7 business days. International orders usually take 8-15 business days

What if this product doesn't work?
If you're not happy with your results, let us know and we'll promptly and courteously refund even empty containers that were collected as directed. You're always protected by our firm 60-day 100% money-back guarantee


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