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If you have a child in your home, you will probably notice how strange children can be with their favorite outfits. Providing children with comfortable but fashionable clothing may leave parents confused. To make sure you have enough options for them we have selected a list of some of the most exciting deals from Myntra's EORS 16.

The 16th edition of the EORS has begun and will end on June 16. The mega carnival includes jigsaw puzzles for some of the most popular children’s clothing. This is your chance to get your hands on the annual ramp-up of your child’s wardrobe.
Check out some of the best baby clothing offers at the biggest fashion event, EORS, live on the official Myntra website and app:

T-shirts sale state with Rs 99 
If you were looking for beautiful, striped and rounded summer T-shirts for your little munchkin, this EORS deal would be a great fit for you. The products bring a variety of comfortable baby t-shirts available at an incredible price of INR 99 only!

Max Dress & Pantaloons sale state with Rs 399 / -

These two types have the best styles of regular t-shirts, pants, dresses, camisoles, and other items of children's clothing. They also decided to go all out with an incredible stock ‘under Rs 399’ for EORS. If you are looking for everyday clothing for your kids, this offer may be worth a shot! After all, where can you get regular baby clothes at such low prices?

H&M goods sale state with Rs 399 / -
If your child likes to dress up and follow any trending style, you should give him or her the best kids fashion with H&M this EORS. For a range of cool H&M baby clothes starting at Rs 399, you get the best fashion on the budget. The best part about the H&M contract is that you become the owner of the highest quality children's clothing, footwear and accessories at affordable prices.

Ordinary shoes from Puma & Nike sale state with Rs 999 /
Whether your munchkin has already started competing in the race, or you are preparing to travel with the help of a pedestrian, Myntra EORS has the best collection for them. Brands like Puma and Nike, and others have chosen branded baby shoes for every baby needs.

USPA and Allen Solly Junior
Another incredible deal for kids this EORS season will be children’s clothing by USPA and Allen Solly Junior. Both brands have come up with some great deals on baby clothes. The comfortable baby clothes in this section include a variety of outfits that fit every program your kids have, from staying home to joining a summer camp, or from visiting a supermarket with you, to their friend's birthday!

Jack & Jones and Ed-a-Mamma
Do you like to buy baby clothes from companies like Jack & Jones or Ed-a-mamma? Well, the EORS, these famous brands offer unparalleled special offers in their products on Myntra. So, be sure to make a wish list and check out your child's favorite colorful costumes before the end of the mega carnival.

Caring for the mother
If you look at the excellent variety of baby clothes offered by Mothercare, you will deny that anyone can get them for a 50% discount on MRP. But the truth must be told! Mothercare has one of the best baby clothes you have ever seen. Therefore, go ahead and order small body suits, rompers, pajamas or t-shirts for your baby before they run out.
Brands like Yk, UTH & HRX offer incredible deals on their products. Most of the children's clothing offered by these three brands seems to be suitable for school children. Your child can take away both the sporty and casual look equally with the clothes, shoes and bags provided in this agreement.
Expert Tip: Since baby clothing items are in line with the EORS budget, the chances of them running out are slim! Be sure to buy on June 16, 2022 or earlier, to get amazing deals on items you've been looking for for a long time.


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