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Electronics 5 Tue 07 Mar 2023

Xiaomi Air Conditioner Launched: Xiaomi has launched another new air conditioner (AC) under its MIJIA brand in China. The new MIJIA Air Conditioner 3HP Gold Edition is claimed to save up to 489kWh of electricity every year. This AC comes with a simple design and joins the list of other successful MIJIA ACs in the Chinese market.

Air Conditioner Features & specifications.........

The new gold-plated version of the Xiaomi Meijia air conditioner has a simple exterior design but bears a glimpse of the previous Meijia ACs. The air conditioner looks classy with the gold-plated design. This air conditioner comes with intelligent controls and has access to the MIJIA smart home ecosystem. Along with the smartphone app, control support through voice commands has also been provided in this AC. This AC can be linked to lamps, door locks, vacuum robots and other smart gadgets.

Full DC frequency conversion system has been given in MIJIA Air Conditioner 3HP Gold Edition. Level 2 has been given up to 3.91 APF value to save energy in this AC launched in China. This means this AC can save up to 489 kWh of electricity every year.
The wind mode given in the new air conditioner is more effective than the existing level 3 air conditioner. It supports canopy mode, carpet wind and surround wind mode.

Edition price...........

The new Xiaomi MIJIA air conditioner 3HP Gold Edition comes with temperature and humidity dual control technology that comes with automatic adjustments. This AC has been made available by Xiaomi in China for 3,999 yuan (about Rs 47,700) under the launch offer. After the launch offer, this AC will be available at the original price of 4,299 yuan (about Rs 51,200).


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