KuberBox jewellery -BlueStone 18KT Rose Gold and Rose Quartz Pendant

Fashion 6 Sat 11 Jun 2022
KuberBox  jewellery …

KuberBox is a beautiful jewelry brand from the precious Indian city, Jaipur. It was compiled in 2013 with the aim of becoming a first-time jewelry retailer of lightweight and glamorous diamond jewelry. We have noticed a great need for gold jewelry made at that time that modern women can easily wear. We have rushed to fill this space with our collection of lightweight gold jewelry and intricately designed for all categories such as earrings, pendants, Mangalsutra, nose studs, Bracelets, Chains, Men's Accessories and Accessories.

At KuberBox, we keep you in the middle of every decision we make. Our design team talks to customers like you to identify what you really need and make the pieces you might like. We surprise you with the latest unimaginable designs to fulfill your desires for well-designed jewelry. When you purchase jewelry from KuberBox, we take it as our responsibility to delight you with a high quality product, so that you can be your Best Awesome, always.

Jewelry information
Brand KuberBox
Stone Quartz
Rose Gold material

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