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Electronics 1 Fri 29 Mar 2024
Kid's Smart …

Nowadays the trend of smartwatch is very high. Not only elders but even small children have become fond of smartwatches. Some people make their children wear expensive smartwatches to get appreciation in the society and to be seen as smartner parents.

With the advancement of technology, smartwatches have emerged as a versatile tool to keep track of our little ones while also providing valuable insights into their health and daily activities. One such innovative smartwatch that has been making waves in the market is equipped with a range of features designed to enhance the overall experience for both children and parents.

for in this trend, many watch companies are launching smartwatches specifically designed for children. In that views, let's take a look at the features of the Z7 smartwatch from imoo company and you will also know about ability and price currently on line market place

Feature of This Smartwatch

1. 4G SIM Support: This smartwatch supports a 4G SIM, allowing for independent HD video and voice calls. This feature enables children to stay connected with their parents in style, providing a sense of security and convenience.

2. Dual Camera: The inclusion of a dual camera adds a fun element to the smartwatch, allowing kids to capture special moments and share them with their loved ones. It also offers enhanced functionality for video calls and selfies.

3. Real-time GPS Tracking: One of the standout features of this smartwatch is its real-time GPS tracking capability. Parents can have peace of mind knowing the exact whereabouts of their children at all times. Additionally, the device offers 14 days of historical tracking data, allowing parents to review their child's adventures and routines.

4. Emotion Detector Feature: Understanding a child's emotions and daily life is crucial for fostering a deeper connection. The smartwatch comes equipped with an emotion detector feature that provides valuable insights into your child's emotional state, helping parents offer the necessary support and care.

5. Health Monitoring: Keeping track of a child's health is made easier with features such as heart rate monitoring, SPO2 measurement, and body temperature tracking. These health metrics provide parents with valuable information about their child's well-being, enabling them to take proactive measures when necessary.

6. Sports Mode: Encouraging physical activity and fitness is essential for a child's development. The smartwatch offers a sports mode that tracks daily activities such as rope skipping, swimming, and running. By promoting active play, children are encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Price & Discount

This offer is a limited-time deal where you can purchase the item for Rs14,990.00, which represents a 25% savings from the original price. The original price, known as the Maximum Retail Price (M.R.P.), is Rs19,990.00. So, with this deal, you are saving 25% off the M.R.P. and getting the item for Rs14,990.

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In conclusion, the integration of advanced technology into smartwatches has revolutionized the way we monitor and care for our children. With features such as 4G SIM support, real-time GPS tracking, emotion detection, health monitoring, and sports tracking, this smartwatch offers a comprehensive solution for parents seeking to enhance their child's safety, well-being, and overall development.


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