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Career Information 2 Mon 13 Jun 2022
Jobs opening …

Department of Labor and Employment, Government. of India, for new mission Mode Project
has launched the National Employment Service Project (NCS) to revitalize public employment
related services. For the smooth transition of these services, Model Centers (MCCs) established to provide quality employment services nationwide. To to make these MCCs effective, 'The Young Professional Scheme' was introduced by Directorate General for Employment (DGE) for the purpose of transforming the developing world For Employment Services and Career Counseling in India. To Effective Model Career Centers one Young Professional is sent to each Model Career Centers available
in different parts of the country.

Considering the current workforce system in the Employment Exchange (EEXs), it makes sense
that in order to use these Model Career facilities, professional staff have needed to assist in performing NCS-related tasks and introducing new ideas as well expertise in the workplace. Thus, the ‘Young Professional Scheme’ in lines of the former Planning Commission, presented by the Office of the Directorate-General of Employment (DGE) for the purpose of using the knowledge, power and thinking of these newcomers social leaders to help better transform the emerging status of Employment Services and Career Advice in India. As one YP program per MCC with 6 in NICS Noida, 4 in
DGE will be distributed.

  • Position Name    -  New Professional
  • Position number -  130
  • Lease Contract    -Based Approach Method
  • Age                     -  24 and 40 years a
  • Contract Duration  2 yrs to 5 yrs 
  • Salary (monthly)  -50,000 /months
    • Qualification --Bachelor’s degree (B.A/B.E/ B.Tech /B.Ed)
      with at least 4 years of experience and/or a Master’s
      Degree (MBA/ Masters in Economics/ Psychology/
      Sociology/ Operations Research/ Statistics/ Social Work/
      Management/ Finance/ Commerce/ Computer
      Applications etc.) with at least 2 years of experience.

More information regarding this job direct visite

Application submition by online in Ministry of Labour (direct link given below)

 Direct Link  for apply  Apply Now

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