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News 3 Mon 18 Dec 2023
IPL 2024 …

As the year comes to a close, cricket enthusiasts and franchise owners eagerly await the upcoming IPL 2024 mini auction. Scheduled to take place on 19th December 2023 in Dubai, this event marks an exciting time for the cricketing world. With 10 teams vying for 77 slots and a total of 333 players shortlisted, the anticipation for this auction is palpable. Notable players such as Travis Head and Rachin Ravindra are expected to draw significant attention from the franchises, making it an event to watch out for. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the auction, including player base prices, team budgets, and broadcasting information to keep cricket fans informed and engaged.

Player Base Prices and Notable Inclusions

The auction will feature a diverse pool of players, with 23 individuals commanding a base price of Rs 2 crore, and 13 players listed at Rs 1.5 crore. Additionally, players with base prices of Rs 1 crore, 75 lakh, 50 lakh, 40 lakh, 30 lakh, and 20 lakh are also part of the auction. Among the notable inclusions, South Africa's youngest player, Kwena Mafafa, and Afghanistan's former captain all-rounder, Mohammad Nabi, add an international flavor to the event, showcasing the global appeal of the IPL.

Team Budgets and Financial Dynamics

                                     Each franchise enters the auction with a specific budget, aiming to strategically acquire the best talent within their financial constraints. The distribution of funds among the teams is as follows:

- Chennai Super Kings (CSK): Rs 31.4 crore
- Delhi Capitals: Rs 28.95 crore
- Gujarat Titans: Rs 38.15 crore
- Kolkata Knight Riders: Rs 32.7 crore
- Lucknow Supergiants: Rs 13.15 crore
- Mumbai Indians: Rs 17.75 crore
- Punjab Kings: Rs 29.1 crore
- Royal Challengers Bangalore: Rs 23.25 crore
- Rajasthan Royals: Rs 14.5 crore
- Sunrisers Hyderabad: Rs 34 crore

The varying financial resources of the teams set the stage for intense bidding wars and strategic negotiations during the auction, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans and stakeholders alike.

Auction Details: Date, Time, and Venue

The IPL 2024 auction is scheduled to commence on 19th December 2023 at 1 pm Indian Standard Time. Notably, this event will mark a historic moment as it will be the first time that an IPL auction is held abroad, taking place at the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai. This international setting adds an element of novelty and grandeur to the proceedings, underscoring the global reach and appeal of the Indian Premier League.

Broadcasting Information for Fans

For fans eagerly awaiting the auction, the broadcasting details are crucial. The event will be televised on the Star Sports Network, ensuring that viewers across the globe can tune in to witness the intense bidding and player acquisitions. Additionally, for those preferring to stream the auction on their mobile devices, live coverage will be available on Disney+ Hotstar, enabling fans to stay updated on the latest developments and acquisitions in real-time.

Conclusion, the IPL 2024 mini auction promises to be a captivating and pivotal event for cricket enthusiasts, teams, and players alike. With a diverse pool of talent, varying team budgets, and the historic international setting, the stage is set for an exhilarating auction that will shape the composition of the teams for the upcoming season. As the countdown to the auction begins, cricket fans can look forward to witnessing high-stakes negotiations, surprising acquisitions, and the unveiling of new team dynamics, making it an event not to be missed.

Stay tuned for the IPL 2024 auction, as the cricketing world awaits the unveiling of new stars and the strategic maneuvers of the franchises in this high-stakes event.

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