India Has launched Operation Ajay for Indian back to home from Israel

News 2 Fri 13 Oct 2023
India Has …

Operation Ajay: Bringing Indian Nationals Home from Israel

In the wake of the ongoing global pandemic, India, like many other countries, faced the challenge of evacuating its stranded citizens from various parts of the world. One such operation, known as Operation Ajay, aimed to bring back Indian nationals from Israel who were stranded due to travel restrictions and the suspension of international flights. This blog will delve into the details of Operation Ajay, its planning, execution, and the positive impact it had on the lives of those repatriated.

Planning and Preparation:

Operation Ajay, named after the founder of the Indian Army, General Ajay Kumar, was initiated as a special repatriation mission to bring back Indian nationals from Israel. The operation was planned meticulously by various stakeholders, including the Indian Embassy in Israel, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA). The primary objective was to ensure the safe return of Indian citizens, taking into consideration their health and well-being.

A crucial aspect of the planning stage was coordination between the Indian and Israeli governments. This involved discussions and negotiations on flight clearances, quarantine protocols, and necessary medical screenings to ensure a seamless repatriation process. Stringent health and safety measures were put in place, including mandatory COVID-19 tests for all repatriates before boarding the flights.


On a designated day, the first repatriation flight under Operation Ajay took off from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport, carrying a significant number of Indian nationals back to their homeland. The operation involved several flights, chartering both regular commercial airlines and Air India flights. The Indian Embassy in Israel, along with the Ministry of External Affairs, closely coordinated with the repatriates and provided them with necessary information and updates regarding their travel arrangements.

The execution of Operation Ajay involved overcoming several challenges, including limited flight availability, logistical hurdles, and adhering to strict health protocols. The airport authorities and airlines ensured that all safety precautions, such as social distancing and sanitization, were followed during both boarding and deboarding processes.

Positive Impact:

Operation Ajay had a profound positive impact on the Indian nationals repatriated from Israel. It not only reunited them with their families and loved ones but also brought them back to a familiar environment during the difficult times of the pandemic. The successful execution of the operation instilled a sense of relief, hope, and gratitude among the repatriates, knowing that their government was taking proactive measures to bring them home.

Additionally, the repatriation process allowed the Indian government to take stock of the situation and provide necessary support and assistance to those in need. The repatriates were subjected to thorough medical screenings upon arrival to ensure their health and well-being. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare closely monitored their quarantine period, ensuring their safety and minimizing any potential spread of the virus.

Moreover, Operation Ajay served as an example of effective inter-governmental cooperation and diplomacy between India and Israel. The successful repatriation endeavor highlighted the strong bilateral relationship between the two countries, further fostering future collaborations in times of crisis.


Operation Ajay emerged as a beacon of hope for the Indian nationals stranded in Israel. Its careful planning, meticulous execution, and positive impact on the lives of those repatriated showcase the Indian government's commitment to the welfare and well-being of its citizens, even in times of unprecedented challenges. This repatriation mission not only ensured the safe return of individuals but also symbolized the unity and resilience of the Indian diaspora in Israel. By bringing Indian nationals back home, Operation Ajay exemplified the government's dedication to its citizen's welfare and served as a shining example for future repatriation efforts.

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