Flipkart starts selling, branded t-shirts, shoes will be available for less than Rs 150

News 10 Sun 12 Jun 2022
Flipkart starts …

Flipkart's season sale ends: After Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the country, Flipkart has now launched its Flipkart End of Season Sale. this sale run by Flipkart from 11 jun to 17 June 22. In this sale, discounts of 70 to 80 percent are available on all the best products. With it, you can get bumper facility using bank and flipkart coins.

In this cell, it is the most man-focused smartphone on which many offers are available. It has all the Apple phones that you can buy at the best price Also, there are many smartphones and gadgets on which discounts are available. In addition to these, there are many products available in this Flipkart sale that you can buy for less than Rs 200 and get bumper benefits.

Flipkart's season sale ends: Buy these products for less than Rs 150


The biggest advantage in this sale is given to those who buy branded t-shirts. These t-shirts cost less than Rs 200 and they come in a great style Apart from this, they are also available in different sizes.

Hand band

If you want to carry a handbag for yourself or your loved one and your budget is low, you can take advantage of this Flipkart sale. In this sale, all the best handbags are available for less than Rs 200 and they are getting discounts of up to 60-70%.

The baG

With this sale from Flipkart, people are also getting great offers on bags. you can buy good quality bags in less than 200 rupees. In these bags, you will get good quality and the place will be strong.

Gym equipment

This sale is for you if you go to the gym. Discounts of up to 50-60 percent are being offered on gym items at this cell. With it, you can buy cheap ropes, gym bags and other items and fill your gym kit.

Apart from this, mobile phone covers, utensils, stationery, caps, children's toys, lehengas and other items are also available cheaply. To buy it, you can go to Flipkart and click on the Sell button and click on the button below 199 on it.

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