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Exclusive Benefits …

Realme, a prominent player in the smartphone market, is set to launch a special sale for its latest offering, the realme 12x 5G. The sale is scheduled to commence on the 5th of April at 12 PM and will conclude at 2 PM on the same day. During this limited-time event, customers can avail themselves of exciting benefits and discounts on the purchase of the realme 12x 5G in various configurations.

 Special Sale Benefits of the realme

The realme 12x 5G will be available in three variants: 4GB+128GB priced at Rs10,999, 6GB+128GB priced at Rs11,999, and 8GB+128GB priced at Rs13,999. Let's delve into the exclusive benefits that customers can enjoy during this special sale.

For the 4GB+128GB variant, customers will receive a Rs1,000 instant bank discount, ensuring a pocket-friendly purchase. Additionally, customers can benefit from expedited shipping within 24 hours of placing the order. Moreover, customers have the opportunity to purchase the Wireless 2 Neo at a discounted price of just Rs899. Furthermore, customers can avail themselves of a 50% discount on realme care+, saving them Rs574. As a membership exclusive, customers will receive 1x coins as rewards and an additional 10,000 coins as rewards on their first order.

Moving on to the 6GB+128GB variant, customers will again enjoy a Rs1,000 instant bank discount along with a Rs500 pricing off, making it a lucrative deal. Similar to the previous variant, customers will benefit from quick shipping within 24 hours and a discounted price of Rs 899 for the Wireless 2 Neo. The 50% discount on realme care+ remains applicable, saving customers Rs574. As part of the membership exclusive, customers will receive 1x coins as rewards and an additional 10,000 coins as rewards on their first order.

For the 8GB+128GB variant, customers can avail themselves of the same benefits as the other variants, including the Rs1,000 instant bank discount, swift shipping, discounted Wireless 2 Neo, and 50% off on realme care+. Additionally, customers will receive 1x coins as rewards and an extra 10,000 coins as rewards on their first order, making it a compelling offer.

Features of the realme 9 Pro

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, the realme 9 Pro stands out as a beacon of innovation and performance. Boasting a range of advanced features designed to elevate your mobile experience, this device pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can achieve. Let's delve into some of the key features that make the realme 9 Pro a standout choice for tech enthusiasts.

1. Data Accuracy Disclaimer: It is essential to note that the data provided, including battery life, charging speed, and realme Quality, is sourced from the realme laboratory. However, individual results may vary due to diverse test environments or calculation methods. For precise information, we recommend referencing the actual product.

2. Immersive Display Experience: The realme 9 Pro offers a mesmerizing 120Hz display refresh rate, providing unparalleled smoothness and clarity for dedicated apps and scenarios. The Touch Sampling Rate showcased is an instantaneous value, ensuring a responsive and seamless touch experience.

3. Performance Metrics: The Antutu Total Score is derived from extensive testing in the realme laboratory. While these results offer valuable insights, variations may occur due to differing test conditions or methodologies. For accurate performance assessments, please consult the actual product.

4. Powerful Chipset: Equipped with the MediaTek 6100+ 5G Chipset, the realme 9 Pro delivers exceptional speed and efficiency. Comparative data with a competitor's last-generation chipset, sourced from MediaTek, highlights the device's prowess. For detailed chipset specifications, we recommend examining the actual product.

5. Dynamic Memory Management: The dynamic 8GB memory of the realme 9 Pro is a software-driven feature, distinct from physical storage space. This intelligent memory allocation optimizes performance and multitasking capabilities, enhancing user experience.

6. Reverse Charge Functionality: To harness the full potential of reverse charging, manual activation is required. This feature empowers users to share power seamlessly with other devices, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity on the go.

7. Enhanced Functionality through OTA Upgrades: Stay ahead of the curve with OTA upgrades unlocking exciting features like Mini Capsule 2.0 and Air Gestures. Air Gestures compatibility with popular apps such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook enhances user interaction, making the realme 9 Pro a versatile companion for diverse tasks.

In conclusion, the realme 12x 5G special sale presents customers with a unique opportunity to purchase a feature-packed smartphone at attractive prices with a host of exclusive benefits. With the promise of quick shipping, discounts on accessories, and rewards for membership, this sale is not to be missed. Mark your calendars for the 5th of April and make the most of these fantastic offers on the realme 12x 5G.

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