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Excel VBA …

Code for excel vba


I have 2 sheets and I rename both sheet with bigdata and output


Bigdata –  this is master file here all data store


Output = where I get lookup value.


1st I have create sub function and used name mylookup ( you can use as per your choice)


Sub mylookup()


Here mention code


End sub


Taken variable here I have taken Dim k As Integer, myresult As Variant, lrow As Long, var As Long, lrow1 As Long


After that I have count both sheets row with dynamically


lrow = Sheets("bigdata").Range("a100000").End(xlUp).Row


lrow1 = Sheets("output").Range("a1000000").End(xlUp).Row


also I have get Coolum reference number means you have looking in which Coolum data .


var = InputBox("Pls enter Coolum reference number")


Variable k used for loop function mean and row reference


Myresult is master data file table name


myresult = Sheets("BIGDATA").Range("a1:z" & lrow)

vlookup code is as below and getting value in Range("J" & k).Value


Range("J" & k).Value = Application.VLookup(Range("a" & k), myresult, var, 0)




Sub mylookup()


'Application.Calcula­tion = xlCalculation­Manual


Application.ScreenUp­dating = False


Application.EnableEv­ents = False


Dim k As Integer, my­result As Variant, lrow As Long, var As Long, lrow1 As Long


lrow = Sheets("bigda­ta").Range("a100000"­).End(xlUp).Row


lrow1 = Sheets("outp­ut").Range("a1000000­").End(xlUp).Row


var = InputBox("Pls enter coloum refer­ence number")


k = 1


For k = 1 To lrow1


Range("a" & k).Sel­ect


myresult = Sheets(­"BIGDATA").Range("a1­:z" & lrow)


Range("J" & k).Val­ue = Application.VLo­okup(Range("a" & k), myresult, var, 0)




MsgBox "Successful­ly done"


 Application.Screen­Updating = True


 Application.Enable­Events = True


Application.Calcu­lation = xlCalculati­onAutomatic


End Sub



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