Celebrating 10 Years of OnePlus: The "OnePlus 12 Subscribe to Win Contest

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Celebrating 10 …

In a world where technological advancements and innovation are at the forefront of consumer interest, OnePlus has carved a niche for itself as a brand that consistently delivers cutting-edge mobile technology. With a decade of successful operations under its belt, OnePlus is celebrating its 10th anniversary in a grand fashion. As a token of appreciation for its loyal customer base, the company has announced a special offer that is set to captivate smartphone enthusiasts across the Indian region.

The "10 Years of OnePlus" celebration brings with it an exciting opportunity for customers to participate in the "OnePlus 12 Subscribe to Win Contest," a scheme that promises an exclusive chance to win a OnePlus 12 series mobile phone. This initiative not only serves as a testament to the brand's commitment to its customers but also marks a significant milestone in the company's journey.

Outlined below are the rules and regulations governing the "OnePlus 12 Subscribe to Win Contest


Contest Rules:

1. Every user is entitled to one chance to participate in the contest.
2. Participants are required to click on "Subscribe" and complete their phone number subscription.
3. The contest period runs from November 27th, 2023, up to the day before the OnePlus 12 launch event in 2024.
4. Participants who click on "Subscribe" during the contest period stand a chance to win one of the following prizes: 3 OnePlus 12 phones and 3 OnePlus 12R phones.
5. Six winners will be randomly selected from all eligible participants at the conclusion of the contest period.
6. The prizes will be issued as Gift Coupons directly to the winners' OnePlus accounts and can be viewed in the 'My Coupon' section.
7. Winners will be notified via SMS or WhatsApp.

Terms and Conditions:

The contest is live from November 27th, 2023, up to the day before the OnePlus 12 launch event and is exclusive to the Indian region.

Eligibility Criteria:
To enter the contest, participants must fulfill the following criteria:
(a) Be an individual and legal resident of the Republic of India.
(b) Possess a billing address within the territory of India.
(c) Hold a valid Pan Card.
(d) Have registered on oneplus.in.

Details of the Contest:

a) The contest is named "OnePlus 12 Subscribe to Win Contest."
b) Eligible users who meet the aforementioned criteria can participate in the contest.
c) Participants who click on "Subscribe" during the contest period have the chance to win one of the prizes mentioned earlier.
d) The contest will be hosted on oneplus.in and the OnePlus Store App within the specified timeline.
e) Winners will be notified by SMS or WhatsApp.
f) By entering the contest, participants agree to the processing of their phone numbers and consent to being contacted via SMS, WhatsApp, or a call if necessary. For more information, please refer to the Privacy Policy at OnePlus Privacy Policy
g) Participants who are selected but do not meet the eligibility criteria or comply with the rules will automatically forfeit their prize.


Upon winning, a free coupon will be sent directly to the users' OnePlus Account and can be viewed in the 'My Coupon' section. Each coupon can only be redeemed once. Each of the six winners will receive a redemption code for a free OnePlus 12 or OnePlus 12R. The code will remain valid for 30 days after receipt. Selected participants will automatically forfeit their claim to the prize if they fail to meet the eligibility criteria or comply with the terms and conditions.

The "OnePlus 12 Subscribe to Win Contest" is a testament to OnePlus's unwavering dedication to its customers, as well as a celebration of its remarkable journey over the past decade. As the company looks forward to the launch of the OnePlus 12 series, this contest not only offers an exclusive opportunity for customers to win the latest and most innovative mobile phones but also serves as a platform for OnePlus to express its gratitude to its loyal fan base.

We encourage all eligible participants to seize this exciting opportunity and be a part of OnePlus's 10th-anniversary celebrations. As the contest unfolds, OnePlus remains committed to delivering unparalleled mobile experiences and looks forward to creating many more memorable milestones in the years to come.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as OnePlus continues to redefine the boundaries of mobile technology and innovation

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