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Software 10 Sat 11 Jun 2022
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Why use management software?

Data Security - Protection of data stored online by cloud computing platforms against theft and deletion.
Inexpensive - High quality and low cost, we have designed our product to be useful to all business owners regardless of industry.
Speed ??- Enhanced overall UX. Generally, fast internet software will give you better information and avoid any delays.

Management software is essential for any retail store. Using our software will benefit you if:

  • You do a lot of math every day and you often get an error.
  •  You have clutter / local and have trouble managing or syncing incoming and outgoing flow.
  •  You want to avoid employee dishonesty.
  •  You lose tracking activity.


High quality asset management, sales area and invoice software. Complete the ERP for all growing businesses.
Sales & POS Terminal

- Improved Money Register.
- Integrated Barcode Reader.
- Multi room
- Credit Card With Multiple Payment Methods.
Employees & Vendor & Cashier

- Advanced User Management.
- Permissions and Roles.
- Multi room
- Add Business Area Cash.
- Defined Roles, Administrator and Cash.

- Powerful reports with filters and graphs.
- Profit and Loss Report.
- Buy and Sell Report.
- Provider and Consumer Report.
- Cash register reports.

Product Management

- Add Brands, Categories, Units, Tax Rates.
- Products With Expiration.
- Low stock alert.
- Expiration warning.
- Print Barcodes & Labels.
- Import Products in CSV Format.
- Enable / Disable Asset Management.
Suppliers & Customers

- Enter Contacts As A Provider, Customer Or Both.
- Payments Alert.
- Payment Details
- Details Buy and Sell Transactions.

- SMS and email notifications.
- Interactive Dashboard.
- Stock Repair, Cost Management, Financial Register.
- Fully Submit Invoice
- Barcode and QR scanner, Hot Printer (ESC / POS)

Fatures for  Point of sale- saling from mobile and tablete, Barcode suport, multi language  suport,Restaurant models include,Multiple payment system, variations,Discounts,Return policy etc.

 Fatures for Inventory:- Import Items, stock truking, stock notifiations, adjest inventory , items transfer from location to location,stock value et.

This software availble on DEVINOU


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