Brother's of PM Modi ji Pragalad Modi was injured in a car accident

News 4 Tue 27 Dec 2022
Brother's of …

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's younger brother Pragalad Modi was injured in a car accident on Tuesday. According to reports, he was on her way to Bandipur with her son, daughter-in-law and grandson when their Mercedes-Benz car crashed into a divider near Mysuru, Karnataka.

Prahalad Modi along with his family has been admitted to JSS Hospital for treatment but is said to have suffered minor injuries and is now safe.

Who is Prahlad Modi?

Prahalad Modi was the fourth of six children born to Narendra Modi's parents Damodardas Modi and Heera Ben Modi. He is the Vice-President of All India Fair Price Traders Association established in 2001. Recently he made headlines with his stay at Delhi's Jandar Mantar.

Pragalad Modi has repeatedly opposed the government policies established by his brother Narendra Modi. He ran a ration shop in Ahmedabad before retiring due to old age. His organization recently demanded compensation for the loss of rice, wheat and sugar supplied through fair price shops.

Prakalat Modi has been protesting since Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Even after becoming the Prime Minister, he continued to oppose the policies of the government.

Know About PM Modi ji Brother's.

Prahalad Modi has four brothers including elder brother Somabhai Modi and Amrit Modi. Narendra Modi is at the third position followed by Prahalad Modi and Pankaj Modi. Amrit Modi is now retired as a lathe operator and married to Chandrakanta Ben. They have a son named Sanjay Modi. Pankaj Modi is Clerk in Information Department, Government of Gujarat.

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