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News 14 Tue 07 Jun 2022
Bestsaller Footwear …

Sportswear brand Puma on Tuesday announced the launch of its shopping app in India, making it the first country to go live with an app developed by the German sportswear giant.

“India is a very important market for us and our local team has done an outstanding job in establishing Puma as the Number 1 sports brand in the country. Given that India is a very digital-savvy market where e-commerce has high penetration, we felt it natural to launch the app here first. It will then be rolled out globally during the year," said Bjørn Gulden, CEO, Puma.

The app was launched by cricketer and Puma brand ambassador Virat Kohli across his social media handles.

Puma has renewed its investment in India as a high priority market with this move, the retailer said on Tuesday.

Puma reported a 68.2 percent increase in yearly revenue to 2,044 crore for the year ending December 31, 2021. Last year, the company launched 51 new locations, bringing the total number of locations in the country to 450.

Puma did, after all, develop an online purchasing portal in 2016. Users will be able to purchase shoes, athleisure, and accessories using the app, which includes features such as virtual try-on and complex 3D animations.

More merchants are embracing technology and expanding their products across online and offline channels as a result of the epidemic.

"With the introduction of the PUMA app, we will provide our customers with a digital buying experience that is faster, more seamless, and more convenient." Puma India and Southeast Asia Managing Director Abhishek Ganguly said, "The app is backed by several technology-led features, which will enhance user experience." app available in both android , ios

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