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As the year winds down, Amazon Music is offering an exclusive opportunity for Prime members to indulge in their favorite tunes and podcasts while earning exciting rewards. From the 5th to the 31st of December 2023, eligible Prime customers can enjoy a special cashback offer of Rs 200 when they stream their first song or podcast on the Amazon Music app.

This limited-time offer is designed to reward Prime members for their loyalty and provide an enticing incentive to explore the diverse range of music and podcasts available on Amazon Music. Whether you're a music aficionado or a podcast enthusiast, this offer presents a fantastic opportunity to elevate your listening experience while earning valuable cashback.

How to Redeem the Offer

To unlock the Rs 200 flat cashback on Amazon Pay, follow these simple steps:

1. Stream Your First Song or Podcast: Between 5th December 2023 12:00:00 AM and 31st December 2023 11:59:00 PM, click on the 'Listen Now' button to stream a song or podcast on the Amazon Music app. Ensure that you stream a song for at least 30 seconds or a podcast for 60 seconds to qualify for the reward.

2. Download the Mobile App & Begin Your First Stream: Click on the 'Listen Now' button, download the Amazon Music app, and start your first stream.

3. Unlock and Collect Your Reward: Within 60 minutes of your successful first stream, the Rs 200 cashback reward will be unlocked and appear in your Rewards section. Once received, you can 'collect' the unlocked reward for future use.

4. View and Redeem Your Unlocked Rewards: You can view all your unlocked rewards under your "Rewards" section and choose to redeem the reward that offers the best cashback on your purchase.

                               Eligibility and FAQs

Eligible Prime Customers

All paid Prime plans, including Monthly, Annual, Quarterly, and Six Monthly, are eligible for this offer. Free trial plans are not eligible for the cashback reward.

Earning the Reward

During the offer period, eligible Prime members who click on any marketing communication of the offer, land on the Amazon Prime Music Landing page, sign into the Amazon Music app using their Prime account credentials, and stream any song for at least 30 seconds or a podcast for 60 seconds will be eligible to receive the Rs 200 cashback reward.

Unlocking and Redeeming the Reward

The reward will be provided to eligible members within 60 minutes of streaming a song or podcast on Amazon Prime Music. Once unlocked, the reward can be redeemed by purchasing anything from the website for the specified amount.

Customer Support

If you encounter any issues with receiving the reward, ensure that your email ID/phone number is updated in your account settings. Subscribe to push notifications and contact customer service if the reward is not received within 48-72 hours during the offer period.

Cashback Eligibility

Prime customers with paid membership plans who have never streamed music and do so during the campaign period are eligible for the cashback. Free trial customers are not eligible for the cashback reward.


With this enticing offer, Amazon Music is providing Prime members with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of music and podcasts while earning valuable rewards. Whether you're discovering new artists, exploring different genres, or delving into captivating podcasts, this offer adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your listening experience.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and unlock the power of music and podcasts with Amazon Music. Stream, save, and savor every moment while enjoying the seamless convenience of Prime membership benefits.

Disclaimer: This offer is valid from 5th December 2023 to 31st December 2023 and is subject to the terms and conditions outlined by Amazon. Please refer to the official offer details for complete information.

This exclusive Amazon Music offer is a testament to the company's commitment to enhancing the entertainment experience for its Prime members. So, grab your headphones, tune in, and start streaming to unlock your rewards today!

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