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Agneepath Scheme: …

The Central Government has announced the Agneepath program to provide temporary employment opportunities for young people in three services, where young people will be drafted into the army for four years. Every year 46000 10th- and 12-year-olds are successful and seven and half-year-olds 21 will be recruited as Agniveer Jawans under this program and will also be given a lump sum retirement benefit fund. With the help of this unique program, the visibility of the three armies will be renewed and the average age for military service will decrease from 32 years to 26 years. Soldiers, Navy and Air Force will also provide a great opportunity for girls to be recruited as Agniveer.

The program starts within 90 days
The Agneepath program was approved on Tuesday at a Cabinet Committee on Security, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With the change in the three-year average service pattern, this is a major government decision to provide opportunities for young people who want to join the military. That is why after the CCS meeting, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held a press conference with three service chiefs and announced that the recruitment process would begin in the next 90 days.

Referring to the steps taken to strengthen the defense system over the past eight years, the Minister of Defense said the Agneepath program is being introduced to make our troops the best army in the world. This will increase job opportunities and at the same time these Agniveers will be better prepared for outdoor activities after receiving special skills training after four years of military service.
Rajnath said for most provincial governments and central ministers, special job opportunities would be provided to firefighters and provinces and departments would soon announce their policies in this regard.

  • How much will Agniveers earn under the Agneepath program?
    Under the Agniveer program, recruitment will be done at a national level instead of a specific military base. Since the Agniveers will have only four years in the army, their training period will range from 10 weeks to six months. Agniveers will receive an attractive annual package of Rs 4.76 lakh for the first year and 6.92 lakh for the fourth year.
    For the first year, jawan recruited as Agniveer will receive a salary of Rs 30000 per month, of which 30% of PF will be deducted i. Agniveer will receive Rs 21000 in cash every month after full deduction. Every year it will increase by 10% and the fourth of which means last year it will be Rs 40000 per month and the decrease in PF will be the same.
  • A service fund, insurance and hardship allowance will also be available
    Agniveer will receive Rs 11.71 lakh as a lump sum service fund after four years as a retirement fund and will not attract any tax. In line with this, if the deployment takes place in difficult areas, then you will receive a difficulty grant like other soldiers in the army. Agniveers will also receive insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh and compensation of up to Rs 1 crore in the event of death within four years of service.
  • The average age of jawans in Indian troops will drop to 26 years
    After the Agneepath program, the average age of jawan in the Indian Army will decrease to 26 years in six to seven years from the current average of 32 years. The Navy Chief said that these Agniveers would be used on all naval vessels, submarines, aircraft etc. and women will be gathered like sailors. General General Manoj Pandey said the Agneepath program was delivered according to the needs of the Indians after much research. This will also lead to better youth balance and military knowledge.
  • Agniveers will be selected under a transparent and in-depth recruitment process
    Suspecting that the short plan would pose a serious question to the military's ability, the Army Chief said there would be no compromise on recruitment rules and that the selection of Agniveers would be done through a transparent recruitment process. Rejecting the question of bringing in a temporary recruitment plan to reduce military spending, Rajnath Singh said we do not see the military saving and the government willing to spend more money on the army, according to the report. need.

Name of the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme 2022
Name of Department of  : Defense
Time-Period                     :4yrs
The name of the soldier  : Agniveer
Eligibility for Education : 10th or 12th
Age Limit                       :  17.5 to 21 years
nationality                     : indian 
Official Website             :



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